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When an oilfield worker is sent to safety training, whether it’s hydrogen sulfide, hazcom, or bloodborne pathogens, then that training needs to make that worker better through being more valuable to the company by the quality of work and safer by reducing the risky behaviors that are known to cause accidents. A SafeLand card should show that the oilfield worker has achieved a certain skill set and can perform the oil and gas work competently and be a safe asset at the rigsite.

At Eagle Ford Training San Antonio we create value for our oilfield training by utilizing a safeland curriculum that is based on the bedrock of the principles of petroleum engineering, guided by ANSI, API, and IADC standards. This training is then delivered from the position of years of oilfield supervisory experience. New oilfield workers are trained on what they can expect entering the oil and gas industry whether they are heading to the drillsite, production, frac, or other well services.

Experienced hands will have their opinions respected and given new opportunities to grow and expand their appreciation for oil and gas safety.

People are the most valuable part of the oil and gas industry. It takes a lot of hard work and long hours to drill into the earth and eventually coax the oil and gas up to the surface. We would not go through all that hard work if it were not to improve the lives of those we care about. Your oil and gas safeland training should be adding value to your company and to your people. This is why we have added first aid with CPR courses, bloodbone pathogens, and hazcom to our lineup so that it might help save the lives of all South Texas workers.

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Thank you for visiting the website of Eagle Ford Training San Antonio. We provide oilfield courses such as frac orientation and accredited SafeLand training in South Texas not just because it’s a job but because we are the type that have “oil in our blood” and like hearing about and working with all the areas and people within the oilfield. If you don’t find any oil and gas safety training that suits your needs then we’d still love if you had a chance to stop by to have lunch, read an oil and gas journal, or just shoot the breeze about the petroleum industry. Thank you for all the hard work you put in to building and running the oilfields of South Texas and any other oilfield in the world where you may happen to work. We are honored to have our training be a part of your oil and gas success.

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