First Aid/CPR/AED

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San Antonio Industrial CPR & First Aid Training

The primary goal of first aid is to save lives, CPR and AED use to resuscitate an incapacitated person’s respiration is part of this as well. Our first aid program in San Antonio is a nationally accepted accreditation and includes training for CPR and AED use as well. Our first aid with CPR training is accepted by groups such as Chevron, the US Coast Guard, Department of Labor, Mine Health Safety Health Agency, and Texas Department of State Health Services. You can feel confident of receiving the most up to date first aid and CPR training available.

At the end of the first aid course, participants will have their skills tested with hands-on scenarios. There will also be a written exam to confirm the student’s proficiency with the course knowledge. After successfully completing both the knowledge based written test and the hands-on simulation then the participant receives a CPR card valid for two years.

All Industries Welcome

Our CPR class is designed to be the highest level of quality for all workers in all industries in San Antonio, not just the South Texas oilfield. Join in for our convenient schedule and quality first aid training in San Antonio.

Convenient Combinations

First Aid/CPR/AED certification can be combined with most other courses as needed. H2S and SafeLand orientations are two courses that are often requested to be combined with the first aid and CPR courses. Let us know when you are signing up for oil and gas training if you are interested in a San Antonio CPR combination course.

First Aid may be needed to be combined with SafeLand for workers entering into the oilfield. CPR and AED training may need to be added to H2S awareness for workers that will work in environments with H2S gas present.

Recommended Training: H2S Awareness, San Antonio SafeLand


Payment for first aid courses may be made in class or through the online portal.


Schedule classes in San Antonio using the online calendar, by calling 210-802-4026, or email

South Texas onsite CPR courses available on request.

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