Rigger/Signalperson Training in San Antonio

Qualified Rigger Classes in San Antonio

Cost: $595 (Both rigger and signalperson qualification, $495 rigger only, $395 signal only)

Duration: 2 Days

Cards good for: 2 years

WEEKLY CLASSES START MONDAYS: Weekly San Antonio qualified rigger classes available to your workers and signalpersons, schedule by enrolling in an open course on the calendar or calling 210-802-4026 or email info@eaglefordtraining.com

Qualified Rigger Training in San Antonio

Qualified riggers are required to select, inspect, and attach the slings and other lifting hardware required to conduct safe lifting operations. Each student will receive their own copy of the qualified rigger workbook and rigging manual. Refresher training should be conducted every two years to ensure that the worker remains qualified.

San Antonio Qualified Signalperson

Qualified signal person classes are available in San Antonio. The operator of the lifting equipment must be given understandable signals by the signal person. If the crane operator misunderstands the signals given then an accident could be caused. Our San Antonio signalperson classes teach the standard signals for all crane types. A practical examination as well as a student guide is provided.

Scheduling Anywhere in South Texas
We can come to you to provide qualified rigger and signalperson training anywhere in South Texas. We have provided classes in Pleasanton, Cotulla, Kenedy, Cuero, and across Texas.

Worker training duration is 2 days for both rigger and signalperson. Please contact the office regarding scheduling and duration if only one is desired.

Existing training in San Antonio can be scheduled on the registration calendar or by calling 210-802-4026 or emailing: info@eaglefordtraining.com

New training may be scheduled by calling 210-802-4026 or emailing: info@eaglefordtraining.com

Payment may be arranged in class or on the online portal.

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