H2S Train the Trainer

H2S Train the Trainer:

Instructor development for hydrogen sulfide

Cost: $525

Duration: 20 Hours (2-days)

Cards good for: 3 years

Monthly San Antonio H2S Train the Trainer for international oil and gas professionals, safety technicians, and supervisors, schedule by enrolling in an open course on the calendar or calling 210-802-4026 or email info@eaglefordtraining.com

Hydrogen Sulfide Train the Trainer in Texas

Hydrogen sulfide is a deadly gas often found in the oil and gas industry. This course is designed as a thorough examination of the topic with a learn-by-doing focus. All candidates will be given practice demonstrations for protection and emergency response in oilfield operations containing hydrogen sulfide.

Texas H2s Train the Trainer topics

This class is operationally focused for oil and gas operating companies and contractors. The classroom portion contains a thorough evaluation of the accepted literature within H2S health & safety as well as operational issues. Hands-on exercises will help candidates demonstrate the proper use of monitoring equipment and respiratory protection. Students will be given practice and resources to help deliver instruction for the modern oil and gas worker.

H2S Instructor Development Scheduling Anywhere in Texas

Existing training in San Antonio can be scheduled on the registration calendar or by calling 210-802-4026 or emailing: info@eaglefordtraining.com

New training may be scheduled by calling 210-802-4026 or emailing: info@eaglefordtraining.com

Off site training in San Antonio or Texas may be scheduled on request.

Payment may be arranged in class or online via e-mail invoice.

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